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Photo of live Clathranachis angusta (Sowerby 1886) dived in Algoa Bay (April 2012)

Photo of live Clathranachis angusta (Sowerby 1886) dived recently in Algoa Bay (April 2012)

Grading - Symbols used

S       Supergem. An exceptional specimen.

G       Gem. A shell with no visible flaw to the naked eye.

F++   Very close to Gem. Minor imperfection prevents that top grading. Still top quality – may be Gem to some collectors.

F+     A specimen quality shell with minor imperfections which do not detract from its collectability or attractiveness.

F       Fine – Still attractive and collectable but with visible imperfections – eg. Chipped lip or growth scar.

Gd     Good. Obvious defects, but still showing all the characteristics of the species. Specimens offered at this grade would be seldom obtainable in better condition.

R       Representative – major defects or long dead. For practical purposes, unobtainable in better condition. Usually used for scientific reference to fill a gap in advanced collection.

B       Beach collected – South Africa has some very fresh shells available beach collected due to our turbulent seas. These may be offered if very fresh (some are close to live taken) or have outstanding patterns, size etc.

W/O With Operculum;

W/P   With Periostracum;

LUR   Live under rock

POR Price On Request.

Full Data is supplied with each shell.
Electronic images of any shell listed will be supplied on request.
All shells are live-taken unless otherwise specified.
Shells with representative pictures that do not meet expectations may be returned for full refund/credit.
Please notify us of any proposed returns by e-mail within 72 hours of receipt.


All prices are in Euro.
Payment: Full payment with order.  
Please insert the Price-List number for every shell ordered.

Photo of live Oceanebra spreta

Photo of live Oceanebra spreta

Postage for overseas countries

The SA Post Office rules state that small parcels (up to 2 kg) may be registered but not insured in the international mail service.  Courier, although more expensive, is more reliable. Shells posted through the SA Postal service are posted at the customers risk.

For “small parcels” under 2kg with a total value of less than € 200, the following SA Post Office postage applies: The SA Post Office adjusts its rates annually on 1 April. The amount is also dependent on the exchange rate. Rates are as follows:
up to 200 gram = € 8.00
200 to 300 gram = € 11
300 to 400 gram = € 13
400 to 500 gram = € 15
500 to 999 gram = € 28
1000 to 1499 grams = € 41
1500 to 1999 grams = € 54

For items over € 500 in value, we recommend a courier service. Upon receipt of your order, we will obtain the courier fee. We will then e-mail this information to you, and upon your acceptance the order will be finalized. As soon as we receive payment, the parcel will be shipped. A rough estimated price for courier may vary between € 40 and € 80 per parcel; we will supply the exact rate after enquiry from the courier.

Over-payments will be credited to your account. 
Payment in full may be made by:

  • PayPal (North America customers: add 4% for PayPal charges, rest of the world: add 5% for PayPal charges)
  • electronic transfer (fees for both banks for customer account) to our bank. Bank details available on request.
  • or by cheque (add € 12 for bank charges).

We unfortunately cannot accept VISA or MASTERCARD at this stage.

Please DO NOT send cash through the mail unless well wrapped and registered. There is no guarantee that our Postal system will deliver and the risk falls on the customer.

Photo of Columbella meta, 7.9mm

Columbella meta