Our focus is on the variety and variation within species, of South African shells

– with emphasis on the endemic species,
– mostly from the eastern, western and southern Cape regions.

Our aim is to provide quality specimens, with reliable data at affordable prices. Regrettably we are not willing to supply specimens to dealers.

Mike has been collecting shells for over 45 years.

Close-up photo of a Halliotis quiketti:

Haliotis quiketti close up of live animal

At present we live in Port Elizabeth, South Africa, one of the largest ports in our country, situated in Algoa Bay at the north-eastern border of the well-known Agulhas Bank, which supports the bulk of our offshore commercial fishing industry.

It has an active commercial fishing community and many of the deep water shells are obtained from fishing trawlers or deep-water lobster boats. Mike is also a diver with more than 40 years experience in scuba diving all areas of our extensive coastline. Together with a longstanding diving buddy, Marius Beltman, a new species of Marginella was identified – Marginella beltmani – later to be seen as a southern subspecies of Marginella peelae.